Owned and operated by the same family for over 50 years, it is at our core to treat employees as an extension of the R+L family.

Family is such a vital component of who we are, it is also a key company value. In addition to family, we offer a work environment that is fun, rewarding and “miles ahead’ of our competitors.

In addition to a traditional benefits package such as health, vision and dental and competitive salaries, R+L employees can participate in nontraditional benefits such as exclusive company-owned vacation rentals, lotteries / raffles for free lunches and cash, company discounts, incentive programs, and fun activities such as an Employee Appreciation Day, Wellness Programs and much more!

We encourage you to apply today for employment at one of our facilities all over the nation. We are continuously seeking the best in the industry to represent our company!

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Embrace Tomorrow, Today. Be Part of a Carrier That Cares.

What our Employees are Saying

  • Awesome company to work for! Great service and rates! We take pride in what we ship.

    David M. Driver
  • Been driving almost 30 years so far R+L is the best company I’ve worked for. Been here almost 8 years.

    Wayne D. Driver
  • Great company to work for. Been here almost 3 years. Hope to retire from this company.

    David S. Line Haul /Driver Trainer
  • I've been with R+L for 27 years in my opinion it's a great company to work for

    Milton C. Driver
  • I've been here over 2 years, I make more money now and I'm home every day. I love it and hope I can finish out my career and retire without ever having to work anywhere else.

    Mark R. Driver, South Bend, IN
  • R+L is a great company to work for. I’ve been with them 29 years. I really think they are the best company out there to drive for.

    Dewayne Truck Driver
  • Once you come to R+L Carriers you won’t want to go anywhere else. Love R+L Carriers.

    Antonio M.
  • Highly recommend! I am a team driver and can honestly say R+L is a great company to drive for!

    Alicia R. Team Driver
  • I work for R+L in Alexandria, Indiana. I enjoy it. Good supervisors. Good co-workers.

    Brian E.
  • Great, great company. I’ve been with them for over a year and have no plans to leave. They pay a fair wage for a fair day’s work, you really can’t ask for more than that.

    Mike M.
  • [Teresa M.] is 100% without a doubt the most thorough R+L employee I've ever dealt with! What a pleasure, and what an asset you have in her as an employee.

    Janelle M. Customer
  • Fifteen years on night shift supporting the drivers who keep the wheels turning while everyone else is asleep. Love my job here!

    Penny F. Wilmington, OH
  • Five years later I’m still here. R+L helps me achieve my goals.

    David K. Norristown, PA
  • Wife and I team drive here. We really enjoy it. We are home 2 full days a week and back to our home terminal nightly.

    Mike B. Team Driver
  • I’ve been with R+L 13 years and I’m very happy here. I’m in my second team truck and the pay is phenomenal.

    Edward S. Team Driver
  • I’ve been with them for four years, great place to work!!

    Mark K. Driver
  • My husband and I have been team driving here for 18 years. Highly recommend.

    Dawn Q. Team Driver
  • Wonderful company. Worked for R+L for 5+ years and I couldn’t have asked for better coworkers and management to work with for those years.

    Jennifer S. Billing Clerk
  • I loved staying at the resort. Had fun with my family, plenty of things to do.

    Everett Driver
  • My granddaughter and I went last summer, we had the best time! Great resort, close to EVERYTHING! I can't wait to try the other resorts. Thank you to a great company that looks out for their employees!

    Angie Customer Service Representative